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"KIT has truly changed my teaching! As a Special Ed teacher at the Middle School level, I have learned both educational strategies, as well has behavioral strategies, to transform my teaching. I worked closely with Dr. Linfante and learned how to implement response boards, direct instruction reading programs, and behavior plans, just to name a few. Dr. Weber and Dr. Linfante led PD for our district and not only provided thorough information, but answered any and all questions from myself and peers after the training ended. Even after having a chance to try out a new strategy, I was able to reach out and ask questions to further improve upon what I had created. They care about helping educators improve their practice, and want to see everyone succeed to further help the students. I cannot say enough positive things about KIT!"

-Lindsey Skurkovich

Middle School Special Education Teacher

"I really enjoyed Dr. Linfante and Dr. Weber’s ABS training.  I found it to be informative and practical to classroom applications. They made it engaging through hands on activities that helped groups collaborate ideas on how best to solve everyday behavioral issues."



"I know we had the Google form survey but I truly wanted to say thank you for your presentation today.  The information and the thought exercises were insightful and helpful.  But I also wanted you to to know that how you delivered the information and the manner that you kept us involved is to be applauded. I appreciate it. Looking forward to the new year. Thanks again!"


Elementary Science Teacher

Initiate a Positive Shift in Your School’s Culture

Propel both educators and students toward lasting success.

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